The Alexander Technique

with Philippa Morrell
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique for Riding & other Sports

For a number of years I worked closely with Sue Nevill Parker at Arrow Equestrian, teaching the Alexander Technique to horse riders in dismounted private or group lessons.  I am now working as an independent body awareness and biomechanics consultant to all horse riders and sportspeople.  I am available for private lessons and also run courses for small groups.

It is obviously essential for riding and all other sports to study how we do things in order to ‘up our game’.  Tension is not helpful nor is the floppy state some call relaxation.  What we need to explore is finding the correct tone for the activity we are engaged in.

A certain amount of conscious decision-making is necessary as we prepare to engage in an activity. This has to be balanced against the elegance and spontaneity needed to let the body operate fluently rather than self-consciously.  We have to learn to throw away the fear of getting things wrong, losing control to gain control.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique will contribute to your ability to be ‘in the zone’. 

You will learn to stay out of your own way and let movement happen.

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