The Alexander Technique

with Philippa Morrell
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


What my Pupils say

I have really enjoyed discovering the benefits of the Alexander Technique wiht the expert help of Philippa Morrell.  As a performing musician, I have found the Alexander method extremely useful in terms of both my sense of ease and comfort in the spotlight as well as the overall quality of my performance.  A.S.

Philippa Morrell is an exceptional teacher of the Alexander Technique.  It has helped me to correct a lifetime’s bad habits as a rider.  I think the method’s ability to increase body awareness and improve balance and control would assist many sports and dance students, whatever their age.  A.W.

I first started Alexander lessons because I wanted to improve my riding.  I knew nothing about it and had never paid much attention to my movement, balance or the way I used my body.  I was a little perplexed at first but I stuck with it as I enjoyed the lessons and I even received the occasional compliment from my friends about my improved posture.  The backache which had troubled me every morning, and which I had dismissed as a universal and necessary result of ageing, lessened and then disappeared.  My riding has continued to improve as I become able to use my body more effectively and my confidence grows.  S.C.

I got to know Philippa and the Technique on a riding course.  But I soon realised it does more than improving my riding.  Philippa helped me with very different things, from how to lift heavy weights at work, to how to sit comfortably on a meditation cushion.  Now matter how stressful the day was I feel well after a lesson.  Tension and aches are gone and I am calm but ready for anything.  What years of physiotherapy did not achieve happened with ease.  My posture has changed a lot.  I enjoy the way my back and shoulders feel now and I move with much more ease. I.E.

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