The Alexander Technique

with Philippa Morrell
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


What happens in a lesson?

During a lesson I will put my hands on you in a non-invasive, gentle way and help you to change your ingrained muscular habits. 

Lessons do not focus solely on the problem that brought you to the Alexander Technique.  If you come to me with backache, I will not immediately put my hands on your back.  I will address the balance and co-ordination of the whole person.

We will work together to explore how the poise of the head on the spine has a huge bearing on the quality of your movement.  You will relearn how your body is meant to operate so that you are less likely to misuse it.

We will experiment with simple everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking and lifting and gradually progress to addressing other more complicated processes that are part of your work or leisure time: for example, computer work, driving, gardening, singing or playing an instrument.

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