The Alexander Technique

with Philippa Morrell
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


F. M. Alexander 1869-1955

Born in Tasmania, as an actor in Australia F.M. Alexander frequently suffered hoarseness and even complete loss of voice.  After doctors failed to help him, he came to realise that his own misuse was the cause of his problems

He spent a number of years retraining himself so that he was able to avoid causing tension in his neck and throat whenever he went to speak.  His problems then disappeared and his breathing and general health improved.  He started teaching his Technique in Australia before coming to England in 1904.  He was still teaching at the time of his death in 1955.

He wrote four books about the Alexander Technique.  In ‘The Use of the Self’ he describes his initial struggle to change his habits and carries on to describe how we can all use his Technique to help us.  This is the shorteset of his works and the most readable.

“Trying is only emphasising the thing we know already”

“You can’t do something you don’t know, if you keep on doing that you do know”

“When people are wrong, the thing that is right is bound to be wrong to them”

F.M. Alexander

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