The Alexander Technique

with Philippa Morrell
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


Philippa Morrell:  About Me

Having been successful at school and university and worked in various sales and marketing positions in London and Brussels, by the 1980s I was running an organic smallholding in Herefordshire.  Although the smallholding thrived on my hard work, good animal husbandry and endgaining attitudes, my personal life did not.

Stressful and emotional life events lead to physical problems, including RSI, a painful neck and shoulder and sciatica.  Having tried other therapies without lasting success, I eventually came across the Alexander Technique. I had lessons for many years before deciding to train as a teacher.  I finished my 3 years training in spring 2004, when I became a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (see

Before this, I had already begun horse riding again and competed at Prix St. Georges level dressage.  I then developed an interest in Classical Dressage, which led me to have lessons from both German and Portugese trainers.  I also studied Tai Chi for ten years with Richard Farmer and his Rising Dragon School of Tai Chi.

Since starting to teach in 2004 I have used the Alexander Technique to help me revive my rusty tennis, and more recently I have started playing golf, which I have toyed with in the past, but which now has me hooked.  For me it seems to be the ultimate Alexander challenge!

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